SACI E-Board

Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention (SACI) Team is a registered student organization comprised of undergraduate and graduate students as well as community-member volunteers who are active in the movement against gendered violence. SACI members have been trained to provide advocacy to survivors of sexual violence. Members can be trained to help staff our 24-hour crisis line, 10am – 10pm crisis chat, medical advocacy, and safe spaces around campus. The group works with the MSU Center for Survivors to provide support, empathy, and information to survivors of gendered violence. SACI delivers assistance to those who have been traumatized by sexual assault and coordinates programs that focus on awareness and prevention. To find out more information regarding volunteers opportunities please visit our Volunteering page!
SACI’s outreach activities include providing safe spaces for events on and around campus and going to resource fairs to spread the word about the MSU Center for Survivors. SACI is also involved in Take Back the Night, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and MSU It’s On Us Fall and Spring Week of Action.

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Meet the 2020-2021 SACI Executive Board!



Hi everyone! My name is Katie Paulot, I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I am a senior at MSU with a triple major in Comparative Cultures & Politics, Anthropology and Women’s & Gender Studies. I started volunteering with SACI in the spring of 2018 and this will be my second year as President of SACI. Outside of SACI, I have worked as a Peer Educator with the Prevention, Outreach, and Education Department and contributed to various organizations that support grassroots activism around sexual violence on college campuses. Upon graduating from MSU, I look forward to pursuing a Masters in Gender Studies/Violence to work on addressing social issues that involve sexual violence in particular. In my free time, I like to play with my cat, listen to music, and watch too much Netflix.


Vice President

My name is Jeremy Pardo and I use he/him/his pronouns. I’m a fourth year PhD candidate in the department of Plant Biology. I work on the evolution and genomics of drought resilience in cereal crops and their wild relatives. I completed my SACI training in October of 2018 and have been volunteering since. I joined SACI to give back to the community through direct services to survivors and co-survivors. I am grateful for the warm and supportive group that is SACI. I was previously part of e-board as community outreach chair and I am excited to fill a new role as vice president. Outside of SACI I enjoy road cycling and general outdoor adventuring.



My name is Kaila Pruitt and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am a sophomore studying Public Policy with a double minor in Arts and Cultural Management as well as Peace and Justice Studies. My plan after graduating is to go to law school to study human rights law with plans to assist with putting a stop to and advocating against human trafficking. I joined SACI in Spring 2020 because I wanted to be apart of a group that dedicates itself to sexual assault and relationship violence awareness as well as educating the community on this topic. The skills that I have learned through my training and volunteering will be skills that I carry with me throughout my career. Being an advocate for survivors is a very rewarding experience and makes me proud to be apart of something so special. In my free time, I love to listen to Broadway Musicals( my favorite is Hairspray) and see them at the Wharton Performing Arts Center! I also love to go to sporting events and watch sitcoms on Hulu and Netflix. I am excited for whatever the next school year brings!



My name is Priyanka Bhoopathi, I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I am a Neuroscience major and I am going to be junior in the fall! I aspire to be a Pediatrician and be an advocate for underserved communities in the future. I decided to join SACI in Fall 2019, because I believe that SACI is essential and so important for the community. Aside from SACI, I am currently part of CIUS and a representative for Pre-Health Professionals Club. In my free time I love to rewatch The Office and Friends, and hang out with my friends! I’m so excited to see what the upcoming year holds for SACI!


Political Outreach Chair

Hi. My name is Roman Grossi, I use he/him/his pronouns, and I’m a Neuroscience major at MSU. After graduation, I plan on getting my master’s in Genetic Counseling and eventually pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience to study the relationship between genes, neuroscience, and mental health. I joined SACI to be a better supportive, empathetic listener for survivors and to be an active part of the community to combat sexual assault and relationship violence. I’m so proud to be a part of such the caring, passionate community that is SACI. Outside of SACI, I love making music, watching the OA, drinking red bull, and laughing with friends.


Community Outreach Chair

My name is Anusha Mamidipaka, I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and Psychology and minoring in Graphic Design. After graduating, I plan to go to medical school and eventually become a physician! I began volunteering for SACI in October 2018 because I wanted to make a difference on campus and support survivors of sexual and relationship violence and aid them in recovery. Through volunteering, I have learned how needed advocacy and sexual assault awareness is in the MSU community. I joined E-Board because I wanted to have a greater role in supporting survivors and work with a team to help combat sexual violence. As the community outreach chair, I would like to strengthen the relationship between SACI and community partners to better support survivors, raise awareness, and clarify myths. I hope to help run events such as Take Back the Night, the Vagina Monologues, the Sex Positive Trivia Night, and Race for the Place. Additionally, I would like to create speaker events open to the public, self-care nights, and 5K walks to help raise awareness about sexual violence. Outside of SACI and schoolwork, I love painting, watching Netflix, and playing cards.


Public Relations

Hi everyone! My name is Kiersten Walsworth and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I’m a senior in Lyman Briggs College here at MSU. I’m working towards a major in human biology as well as minors in Spanish and bioethics. After graduation I hope to attend medical school and eventually specialize in oncology. I decided to join SACI because it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to provide support for survivors though direct community engagement. I’ve been involved with SACI since Spring 2019 and am so thankful for this program and the incredibly caring group of humans involved. Outside of academics and volunteering, I sing in various choirs on campus, love spending time outside, and read as much as possible.