Crisis Advocate Volunteers

Crisis Advocates are trained volunteers from the MSU Center for Survivors, who provide an in-person crisis response to meet with survivors at the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program or residence halls on MSU’s campus.

Crisis Advocates provide confidential, in-person crisis intervention, support services, advocacy, and accompaniment. Crisis Advocates provide critical resources, information, referrals, and linkage to follow up care and ongoing supportive services. Crisis Advocates work effectively alongside other providers such as medical staff, social workers, law enforcement, and residence hall staff.

Crisis Advocate Volunteers are part of the overall Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention (SACI) Volunteer Team, and they receive additional training and support for this unique, in-person, volunteer role.

Crisis Advocate Volunteer Requirements:

  • Meet the core requirements for all SACI Volunteers learn more here including completing an application, background check, and interview.
  • Complete the SACI Core Training (approximately 40 hours) and additional Crisis Advocacy training (both in-person and online) before signing up for shifts
  • Commit to one year of volunteering as a Crisis Advocate, signing up for approximately 2-4 CA shifts per month to ensure full coverage of the CA Volunteer shift schedule.

  • During Crisis Advocacy on-call shifts, must be able to respond to the Sexual Assault Healthcare Program or designated residence hall within 30 minutes of receiving a dispatch call and remain on site for the duration of the intervention.

  • Attend monthly required Crisis Advocacy team meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month from 6-7pm