Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention

Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention (SACI) is a registered student organization comprised of Undergraduate and Graduate student volunteers who are active in the movement against gendered violence. SACI members have been trained to provide advocacy to survivors of sexual violence. Members can be trained to help staff a  24-hour crisis line, medical advocacy, and peer educators. The group works with the MSU Counseling Center Sexual Assault Program to provide support, empathy, and information to survivors of gendered violence. SACI delivers assistance to those who have been traumatized by sexual assault and coordinates programs that focus on awareness and prevention. To find out more information regarding volunteers opportunities please visit our Volunteering page!

SACI’s sexual assault awareness programming throughout the year on MSU’s campus consists of sexual violence awareness presentations and multi-session workshops to the university community. Topics include: rape 101, myths and facts, consent, rape culture, drug facilitated sexual assault, and risk reduction. Programs are designed specifically for the classroom, residence halls, and the sorority/fraternity system. Activities that SACI is involved in include Take Back the Night, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and MSU Women’s Leadership Conference.

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Current SACI members can access D2L (Desire 2 Learn) here.

Meet the 2015-16 SACI Executive Board!

Kayla Schindler PRESIDENT

Hello! My name is Kayla Schindler and I am a sophomore studying Social Work with a minor in Women/gender studies. I have enjoyed working closely with all of the wonderful people involved in SACI since I first got involved in it two years ago. It helped me to decide to be a social worker. Some other things you can find me doing when I’m not working or in school is wandering around aimlessly on a long board, hammocking in a forest, painting, or watching a documentary while I eat an entire bucket of popcorn. I also like to occasionally make the long journey back to Grand Rapids to hang out with my family, childhood friends, and my brother’s cat. I’m looking forward to another year working with SACI and all of the people involved!

Taylor Kuminski VICE PRESIDENT

I’m Taylor Kuminski, and I am a freshman at MSU from Princeton, New Jersey! I plan on double majoring in psychology and animal science, and will be completing my women’s and gender studies minor this summer! Outside of SACI I play rugby and am in a zoology fraternity (Zeta Theta Omega). I joined SACI in the fall of 2015 because I want to eventually pursue a career in crisis counseling, and ever since then SACI has been a huge part of my college experience.

Kathryn Naber SECRETARY

My name is Kathryn (Katie) Naber and I’m a senior going on super senior. I have been a part of SACI for just over a year now and it’s completely changed my life, I didn’t know I could find such meaningful work and such great people at the same time!  In the picture I am the one with long blond hair!

Megan Conway TREASURER

I am a junior studying Genetics, and have been with SACI since last summer!   I feel as though few campus organizations have such direct influence on the Lansing community. Both educating and preventing sexual violence is something that is of great importance to me, and being able to be part of a community of people who also care about these issues has been really great!


I’m Gaby Abalo,  I’ve  found a stepping stone to my calling as a Social Relations & Policy major with a minor in Women’s & Gender Studies. I’ve been in SACI since November of 2014. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to learn about ways to prevent and combat the terrible social disease known as rape culture and the intersectionality of different identities like gender and race. This education was significant in solidifying the activation of the feminist in me as lens for other social justice issues.


Hi my name is Rachel Schwartz and I am currently a junior at MSU studying social work. I have been a part of SACI since my freshman year at MSU. With all of the classes that I have taken surrounding social work, I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding social issues, social policies, community development, sociology, and many other topics.Getting involved more with the community surrounding me has been a recent interest of mine.


My name is Jessica Rumsey and I recently became a volunteer in the Sexual Assault Program and am very excited to be given this opportunity. I study Social Work here at Michigan State and have a strong passion for helping others. I am an upbeat, hardworking individual and I enjoy the aspects of teamwork. I am also very communicable and creative.