Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Services

The Sexual Assault Program provides immediate crisis intervention and advocacy services to individuals impacted by rape or sexual violence. Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Services available include: a 24-hour hotline, 10am-10pm crisis chat, institutional and legal advocacy. These services are available to survivors of sexual assault and their non-offending significant others.

Individual Therapy & Support Groups

The MSU Sexual Assault Program provides FREE and confidential individual counseling and support groups to MSU students who are survivors of adult sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse. We offer a variety of groups for all gender identities.

Fall 2018 Support Groups


Community Education

Community education consists of sexual violence awareness presentations and multi-session workshops to the university community. Programs are designed specifically for the classroom, residence halls, and the sorority/fraternity system.

Topics include:

  • sexual assault 101
  • myths and facts
  • how to support survivors
  • rape culture
  • drug facilitated sexual assault

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are also available through our program. Volunteers include MSU faculty, staff, and students, as well as non-MSU affiliated community members. SACI (Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team) is a student organization comprised of our volunteers who have been trained to provide advocacy to survivors of sexual violence.  Visit our Volunteering page to learn more!