SACI Volunteer of the Month

October Zeina Bazzi - Oct2015: Zaina

Zaina continuously is signing up for medical advocacy shifts! Not only does she pick up shifts routinely but whenever we experience a gap in coverage we can count on her to volunteer. Zaina is also a volunteer who is guaranteed to get paged to the hospital whenever she is on call. Thank you Zaina for all of your hard work, passion, and dedication!






November 2015: Nov 2015 - ElaineElaine

As one of our newest advocates she has gone above and beyond by signing up for medical advocacy during the holidays to ensure that victims have someone supporting them during such a hard and emotional moment. Thank you Elaine for your dedication!!






DeceTaylor Dontjember 2015: Taylor

Taylor stood out in December for helping fill in a lot of gaps in coverage for the 24-hour sexual assault crisis line! She picked up over 40 hours of coverage! Due to her commitment we were reassured that victims would have a prompt response when calling the crisis line. Thank you Taylor, holiday coverage is never easy but you definitely made a huge difference.








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