2015 Teal Ribbon Award

It is with great pleasure that the MSU Sexual Assault Program announces the College of Communication Arts & Sciences as the recipient of the 2015 Teal Ribbon Award. The teal ribbon is the international symbol promoting sexual assault awareness—the MSU Sexual Assault Program established the Teal Ribbon Award in 2008 to recognize and honor campus efforts in this realm.

During the last year, the MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences has proven to be a catalyst for awareness and education of sexual assault on a national level.  The Telecommunications Documentary Specialization Course offered in your college provided a platform for the creation of Every Two Minutes, a film showcasing the MSU Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team.

Every Two Minutes explores the prevalence of sexual assault in America, and the challenges faced by survivors of such crimes.  Course instructors, Geri Alumit Zeldes and Bob Albers, bestowed inspiration and guidance to the student production-team, while embracing the taboo subject of sexual assault.  Quality and passionate advising ensued in multiple dimensions, from determining the storyboard to the final promotion of the premiere. This eye-opening documentary has been shared with state and federal entities for training purposes, and has been screened at several universities.  The student production team was undoubtedly empowered to create cultural change on MSU’s campus, the surrounding community, and throughout the nation.

Furthermore, distinct recognition is given to WKAR’s daily radio news magazine, Current State.  The progressive topics and timely programing has propelled sexual assault awareness to a new level in mid-Michigan.  Hearing from national experts, campus professionals, and students—all passionate about this issue—is exciting and thought-provoking.  Current State has featured an array of topics from federal Title IX laws and White House Task Force directives to local and campus programming for sexual assault survivors. Truly, this kind of comprehensive coverage establishes a community space for ongoing dialogue and campus climate change.

Finally, MSU’s Student Radio Station, Impact 89, has done a tremendous job elevating student voices of advocates and allies working to address the issue and prevent sexual violence.  Thoughtful interviews with the student president of the MSU Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team and directors of the Vagina Monologues provided rich dialogue related to student activism and alternative forms of healing for trauma survivors.

It is an honor to recognize the College of Communication Arts & Sciences and its accomplishments of promoting advanced educational opportunities related to sexual assault response and prevention.  Your very important work not only impacts individuals at a local level, but is far-reaching and advances the charge of our land-grant university.