Teal Ribbon Award

The teal ribbon is the international symbol promoting sexual assault awareness—the MSU Sexual Assault Program established the Teal Ribbon Award in 2008 to recognize and honor campus efforts in this realm. The Teal Ribbon Award is given annually to recognize departments that have shown leadership and commitment to creating awareness and reducing sexual violence in our campus community.

2018 Teal Ribbon Recipient & 2018 Teal Ribbon Leadership Award Recipient

Anna Cumming is the recipient of the 2018 Teal Ribbon Leadership Award. Cumming is involved in numerous initiatives and organizations across campus related to sexual violence awareness and direct service with survivors. Cumming was the 2017-2018 President of the Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team (SACI), was heavily involved in planning and organizing Take Back the Night, and was involved in numerous activist groups on campus raising awareness and fighting for survivors rights.  The SACI program is sad to see her graduate and leave MSU, but excited for her as she embarks on her next journey to the University of Cambridge.

2017 Teal Ribbon Recipient & 2017 Teal Ribbon Leadership Award Recipient

The MSU Women’s Council is the recipient of the 2017 Teal Ribbon Award. Women’s Council has worked tirelessly over the years as the primary sponsor of the annual Take Back the Night events during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. Through the organizing of Take Back the Night, Women’s Council collaborates with multiple units, including but not limited to the MSU Sexual Assault Program, MSU Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention team, MSU Safe Place, and the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing.

Lydia Weiss is the recipient of the 2017 Teal Ribbon Leadership Award. Weiss is involved in numerous initiatives across campus related to sexual violence prevention and awareness.  Her service as an advisor to the Women’s Initiative for Leadership Development (WILD) student organization, MSU Women’s Council, and Take Back the Night, as well as her participation in Violence Free Communities and numerous advisory committees, have contributed to a culture of empowerment and support.  The mentoring and educational opportunities she provides on our campus have enhanced countless lives.

2015 Teal Ribbon Recipient & 2015 Teal Ribbon Leadership Award Recipient


The MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences received the 2015 Teal Ribbon Award. MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences has proven to be a catalyst for awareness and education of sexual assault on a national level.  The Telecommunications Documentary Specialization Course offered in your college provided a platform for the creation of Every Two Minutes, a film showcasing the MSU Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team.

Ms. Laura Swanson received the 1st ever Teal Ribbon Leadership Award. Ms. Swanson has been a faithful volunteer in the Sexual Assault Program, serving on the Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team (SACI), performing as a cast member in the Vagina Monologues, and then a director for the last two years. Ms. Swanson produced the remarkable documentary, Every Two Minutes. Her documentary was featured on the Dr. Phil show and she received the iAspire Grant from the Robin McGraw foundation to fund screenings at other universities across the nation.

2014 Teal Ribbon Recipient


The MSU School of Criminal Justice received the 2014 Teal Ribbon Award. The School serves as a catalyst for promoting a multidisciplinary victim-centered response to sexual assault in the context of human trafficking. The Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force is providing leadership and educational opportunities in our campus community and throughout the State of Michigan.

2014 White Ribbon Award Recipient


The MSU Sexual Assault Program recognized a campus and community leader with The White Ribbon Award. The White Ribbon, a symbol for men working to end sexual violence, was awarded to Mr. David Zettle for his tireless commitment to supporting sexual assault survivors and for working as a male ally to raise awareness of gender-based violence.

2013 Teal Ribbon Recipient

Teal Ribbon Winner 2013 (2)

The MSU School of Social Work received the 2013 Teal Ribbon Award for their commitment to educating the campus community about sexual violence. Our School of Social Work at MSU creates leaders who embody the importance of collaboration and have the skill set to organize community key stakeholders to effectively address social injustice, oppression and community health concerns.

2012 Teal Ribbon Recipient

Teal Ribbon 2012

The MSU Women’s Resource Center received the 2012 Teal Ribbon Award (our 5th anniversary of the event!) for their outstanding work on campus to end gender-based violence and create a safe environment for students. MSU Women’s Resource Center staff were acknowledged for their frequent collaboration with community partners through safety fairs, resource fairs, conferences, and other community events. Their commitment to empowerment & education of girls and women is an inspiration to us all!

2011 Teal Ribbon Recipient

Vagina Monogloues

The MSU Vagina Monologues received the 2011 Teal Ribbon Award for their continued efforts to raise awareness of sexual violence and for their ongoing support of the MSU Sexual Assault Program. “The Vagina Monologues” production is a series of monologues that are based on Eve Ensler’s interviews with women on relationships, sex, violence against women, and the perception of vaginas. In 2011, The MSU Vagina Monologues donated 90% of the proceeds from the performances to the MSU Sexual Assault Program. The remaining 10% was donated to the international cause to help women and girls in Haiti.

2010 Teal Ribbon Recipient

2010 Teal Ribbon Award 022

The Department of Residence Life received the 2010 Teal Ribbon Award for outstanding collaboration with the MSU Sexual Assault Program.  Residence Life administrators were key in developing a mandatory referral policy requiring all Residence Life staff witnessing disclosures of sexual violence to refer to the MSU Sexual Assault Program.  This policy creates a significant change for victims of violence by creating a safety net so that no student is silenced or isolated after disclosing an assault.

2010 White Ribbon Award Recipient

White Ribbon

The White Ribbon Award is given to men who are outstanding activists in the movement to end domestic and sexual violence. The MSU Sexual Assault Program was pleased to award the first White Ribbon Award to Mr. Terry Brock for his leadership on campus and his commitment to creating a safe, responsive community for sexual assault survivors.

2009 Teal Ribbon Recipient

The Department of Psychology Violence Against Women Research & Outreach Initiative provide vital leadership for our campus and community in several ways. Dr. Rebecca Campbell served as Co-Chair of the Sexual Assault Task Force established in 2004 and informed the campus consortium, Violence Free Communities by Design, of a training grant sponsored by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and served as the advisor in the grant writing process. MSU was awarded the CDC grant affording a five-person team to attend the PREVENT Institute for training in primary violence prevention. PhD Psychology candidates have conducted focus groups and implemented a student survey assessing the knowledge and attitudes of sexual assault, and re-established the Court Watch program in Ingham County to monitor the criminal justice system and the prosecution of sex offenders.

2008 Teal Ribbon Recipient

Dean James Forger & the College of Music are innovative leaders in increasing awareness of sexual violence within their college and the greater campus community. In 2007 the College of Music developed and implemented educational seminars to prevent sexual harassment and abuse from occurring within the College. This creative effort serves as a model for the entire academic community. The MSU Counseling Center Sexual Assault Program was pleased to honor Dean James Forger & The College of Music as the recipient of the 1 st Annual Teal Ribbon Award on Monday, March 24, 2008.